Festive Ways To Use Mak Tok Products This Christmas

Only one week until Christmas!

It’s the final weekend before Christmas and as we head into the week leading into the big day I hope you have all began wrapping and avoiding the last minute dash to the shops. It’s been a great December for us. We managed to get back to our favourite part of work which is attend Christmas markets! Speaking to the customers and seeing so many of you buy our products for friends, family and loved ones has been amazing! On top of this we launched our first ever Christmas hamper which sold out within 3 days!

With so many of you supporting our small business this Christmas I thought I would give my personal recommendations on festive ways to use our products. From dipping to using up your leftovers here are my festive foody Mak Tok tips!


Buffets Malaysian Style

We all love a buffet when it comes to the festive period. For me the go to at any buffet is quick and easy dishes that don’t require much preparation. A party pleaser and the dishes I always find go down the best is chicken satay & our Malaysian fish cakes (Lempeng Tuna). The satay is a popular Malaysian street food that can be found at many vendors in Malaysia. My Grandmama was a traditional satay vendor and my dad used to sell hundreds of satays with her after school just to support his family. With just 4 ingredients including our Spicy satay paste and Signature sambal, and just 25 minutes in the kitchen you can make authentic chicken satays like my Dad use to back in Malaysia

As for our Malaysian fish cakes, the scent when making these will make anyone hungry and ready to dive into the buffet. Again using just 4 ingredients including out Malaysian Rendang paste and 10 minutes in the kitchen you can whip up these little delights. The lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves marries perfectly with the meaty tuna to create a tasty experience for all.


A range of sauces are always essential when it comes to a buffet and having one that suits all occasions certainly comes in handy. Our range of chilli sauces definitely have you covered when it comes to this. The mini American finger food such as burgers and hot dogs are great when it comes to Christmas and our chilli garlic sauce certainly adds to this. Got more oriental party food such as spring rolls or onion bhajis? Then I would certainly recommend our mango chilli sauce or our sweet chilli paste! Both adding a burst of flavour in different ways, I’m sure everyone at the party will love one of the two.


Mak Tok Roast

Ayam Panggang, a dish you may of seen in our Christmas Advert this year. This is a roast bird normally chicken which is marinated in our signature sambal. Obviously many of you will want to stick to the traditional turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing. But for those who sometimes cook up more than one piece of meat it may be an opportunity this year to spice it up with our signature sambal. It may sound a bit strange at first, but trust me try it! I would recommend chicken as it stays a bit juicier than the turkey and allows the flavours to absorb into the skin of the chicken making it much more juicy and flavoursome.


Our tips for Boxing day!

Leftovers, we all do our best to eat everything on Christmas day but most of us have ingredients left over. What is it you normally do with your leftover turkey? My team give me a range of ideas from creating a turkey pie to cold turkey with bubble and squeak?! Here’s a couple of ideas on what I normally cook up on boxing day.

First of all a curry. As a Malaysian we love a dish to accompany rice, so when I first come over to England my first thought for the left over Turkey had to be a curry. An unpopular opinion is that I actually prefer the turkey curry I make to the Turkey part of the Christmas meal! For a traditional Malaysian curry be sure to try out the rendang! Just follow the recipe for our quick and easy beef rendang and swap it with the left over Turkey!

What about a toasted sandwich with a Malaysian twist?! Why not get some of the leftover turkey and place it between 2 large slices of sourdough bread. It’s then all about getting creative and dependent on what leftovers you have left. For me I would use some leftover stuffing, layer it with some gouda and then for the Malaysian twist add some our Sweet chilli paste instead of the traditional cranberry!

Just get creative and have fun!

I hope this blog has given you some festive ideas on how to use the your Mak Tok pastes and sauces this year. With just a few basic ideas I’m sure there is so many more amazing creations you will all cook up this Christmas! It;s Christmas so just get in the kitchen with your family and friends and get creative with your culinary ideas. Be sure to keep in touch on our socials and show us what you and the family create this Christmas!

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