Mak Tok’s #justMalaysian Campaign

If you asked the average British person to name a Malaysian dish, they'd probably come up blank, but here at Mak Tok, we believe that it will be more familiar to people than they realise. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to making recipes that are like the ones you love, just Malaysian. Although some dishes have been covered in The Guardian (though, honestly, I think our recipes are better - after all, they were all devised by my grandmother), there's a long way to go, which is why we want to do our bit to bring the delicious flavours of Malaysia to you.

Malaysian Flavours

You're probably wondering what exactly 'the flavours of Malaysia' are. Well, look no further! The honest answer is that there is no specific flavour in my home country that's more popular than another. We love sweet and savoury food; we love hot and mild food - we even love dishes with strong nutty flavours. Our vision has always been to bring truly authentic Malaysian flavours to family homes across the UK. But how much do you actually know much about Malaysian cuisine and the flavours behind your jars of Mak Tok? Have a little Mak Tok history lesson on us!

Malaysia specifically is comprised of 13 states and is home to predominantly Malays, Chinese, and Indians, but the population is a wonderful hub of cultures and ethnic groups, making the gastronomy here an exciting blend of spices, flavours, and cooking techniques. Throughout history, these communities generally began their migration to Malaysia for its geographical benefits and economic opportunities and, in return, they introduced ingredients such as cardamom and peanuts. These were then combined with some of the amazing local Malaysian ingredients and cooking methods to create the unique flavours we have today.

This resulted in a symphony of flavours, making Malaysian cuisine highly complex and diverse. Next time you have a mouthful of your Mak Tok's chilli paste, take a minute to think of the history and many influences behind your mouthful of spicy deliciousness.


#justMalaysian Campaign

Earlier this month, we launched our summer campaign to make Malaysian culture and flavours more accessible to all British people, and we've got all kinds of exciting things coming up! The team at Mak Tok HQ has been working extra hard this past couple of months to create a campaign that will bring you travel, culture and of course amazing flavours and recipes. We aim to take you on a journey where you can experience the excitement of travel (we know been that’s been hard this past couple of summers) and take you to some of the best spots I grew up at including the Perhentian Islands, Hutong Lot 10 and A’Famosa. Being the food lovers we are, holidays always revolve around food so you’ll be sure to see us taking some amazing Malaysian dishes in our bottomless picnic basket!

Got a spare minute? Join us live on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook this August for a summer of fun, festivity and delicious food. Don't worry if you missed our first two. We've got plenty more coming up!



On top of that, we're offering our customers some amazing, limited edition offers. Throughout August, you can take advantage of our Malaysian Street Food Bundle which includes one jar of our Rendang chilli paste, one pot of our BBQ chilli sauce, and a set of green curry sprinkles - just mix them together with your favourite ingredients to make a delicious Malaysian-style curry! And if you're a super fan, you can take advantage of our Summer Deal which includes ALL of our chilli sauces and pastes (you heard that right!) It also includes a pot of our sweet soy sauce and a set of our green curry sprinkles for good measure.

This whole campaign was super important to us as a brand, as everything we do is to bring you enjoyment through authentic Malaysian flavours, and put smiles on all our fans faces. We're sure you'll love what we have to offer, and we hope you'll join us for our next livestream! If you decide to, use the hashtag #justmalaysian on your favourite social media app to find your fellow Tokkis (Mak Tok fans) and discuss the wonders of Malaysian cuisine together!

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