Hi, my name is Will.

I'm an entrepreneur and a self-taught Malaysian chef. My love for food and Malaysian cuisine in particular stemmed from the time I spent with my mum when I was a little boy in our tiny home kitchen. The hands-on skills I gained through this was the stepping stones I needed to build Mak Tok and to share Malaysian cuisine through the sambal and sauces I make.

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Cooking styles & techniques

I'm not professionally trained as a chef but I got a lot of my techniques from spending time in the kitchen as well as watching cooking shows when I was a little kid. Some of the notable culinary heroes that inspired me in the early days are Chef Wan, Nigella Lawson and Gordan Ramsay.Because of how our family recipe is being passed down from generations, we were never taught to measure our ingredients. Instead, we use the concept of agak-agak which translate to eyeballing your ingredients when it comes to cooking. What is important though is to taste as you go.

My concept in cooking always go about two principles: ease of making the dish and overall taste. This is why I love stir-frying and slow-cooking/braising my food. These days, I'm learning how to style and photograph my creation because I want my followers to be able to taste the dish with their eyes. I'm very experimental when it comes to ingredients and I love creating new dishes. My favourite ingredients to use in the kitchen are chillies, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, pandan, and kaffir lime leaves. These ingredients are native to South-East Asia and they had so much depth to a pleathora of dishes I make.

My life & passion

I was born in Penang before moving to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I grew up with 3 older sisters and a younger sister - all who, like my parents, showers me with unconditional love. In my family, my mother and oldest sister are the masters when it comes to cooking. They are just amazing at making mouthwatering dishes that will make you go back for seconds.

As you can already tell, I love food - especially Malaysian food and I want to make it on par with other cuisines like Chinese, Indian and Thai. But outside of food, music plays an important part of my life. So much so that I actually hold a Masters in Music Psychology and I managed to fund my own tertiary education through teaching music. I am a multi-instrumentalist and my main instrument is the classical guitar. On top of music, I used to be the captain of my national youth team in Ultimate Frisbee and a black belt holder in Taekwondo.

Dragons' Den & more

I apperaed on the popular BBC series Dragons' Den (UK version of Shark Tank) in 2019 and successfully received and investment from Sara Davies. My season peaked at 3.4 million viewers and my clip alone was in the UK top trending upon being aired where it amassed 2.6 million views and counting on YouTube since.

My passion for Malaysian cuisine and knowledge in South-East Asian cooking has given me the opportunity to present live in events like the BBC Good Food Show, York Food Festival and Malton Food Lovers Festival. Furthermore, I am frequently invited as a guest speaker at schools, colleges, and universities both here in the UK and abroad in topics around entrepreneurship, social media, marketing and pitching.

Prior to my apperances here in the UK, I was a commercial talent back in Malaysia where I did commercials for the like of McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Caltex, and many more.

Awards & Achievements


University of Sheffield Enterprise Awards

Delloitte The Pitch (finalist)

Entrepreneural Spark Pitching Competition (winner)

Sheffield Business Awards (shortlist)



Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Awards



Sheffield Business Awards

Launchpad Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Launchpad Inspiring Achiever

GE Yorkshire Grit Award



FSB Young Entrepreneur of the Year (shortlist)

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