...our brand new 7-course dining experience that will bring you on an intimate journey across Malaysia. Over the next 12 months, we will feature 4 Chapters, each of which presents my life story through a traditional yet modern approach to Malaysian cuisine.

We start our adventure with Chapter 1, where we will discover my birthplace, Penang. Learn about my story of growing up in Malaysia's food capital and how that cultivated my love for delicious food.

It is time to immerse yourself in the wonders of Malaysian cuisine and culture from another perspective where experimental meets experiential dining through my story.

pandan | lemongrass | dried shrimps | laksa leaves | kaffir lime leaves

Kaya Loti
coconut pandan jam | sea salt butter | toast | quill egg | kopi

You are my Sunshine
scallop | fermented beancurd | black garlic | ginger | calamansi

Assam Laksa Atas
wild mackerel | tamarind | torch ginger | heh ko | belacan | rice noodles

The Prince's Nasi Kandar
perfumed basmati | poussin | squid | salted duck egg | okra

Attap Chi
toddy palm seeds | toasted coconut | dark chocolate

The memorable Orange Juice
lychee | rambutan | blood orange | prosecco

£65 per person

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Leeds, Sheffield, London

Coming soon

Coming soon

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