Mak Tok V4.0 - The Fourth Edition Of Mak Tok Coming Soon

 Mak Tok's Pay Day Clearance Sale

Have you seen Mak Tok's clearance sale currently on our website?! If not then go check it out and grab your Mak Tok essentials all with a massive 20% off from now until the 1st of October 2021. Such a saving seems to good to be true right? But there is a method behind this madness, all our current stock with the current labels must go... ready for Mak Tok V4.0.

Pay Day Sale

Mak Tak V4.0, sounds cool right? But what's happening here at Mak Tok HQ? It's time for a big change and one that's been in the pipeline over the summer and that's a rebranding of our pastes labels! This will be the fourth version of the Mak Tok label since the beginning of our journey and we hope this ones your favourite one yet.


Mak Tok's Label  History

Since the first label that Will use to stick on by hand we have increased our vision to getting Mak Tok to the hearts of everyone across the UK. For our original followers out there you may remember our original label design from the picture. Created by Will himself this label was around for about a year from 2017 to 2018 and mainly sold at our early food festivals, so only our original Tokkies will remember this one. Or maybe you just remember our original advert filmed by Will... if not be sure to check this one out.


Mak Tok Branding Journey


As a brand we have been lucky enough to have some great connections and support along the way to capture the values of our brand in our labels. The first change and support we had was from Design Futures. Due to the great initial design Will managed to create, not to much needed changing. A clever addition of the cooking pan and better descriptive text for our customers saw the subtle changes in our second label. This label was about from 2018-2019 and is the one you saw on our Dragons Den appearance.

The big change come when we secured our investment in the den, Sara Davies's team took us on a rebranding process. In the rebranding process, we aimed to capture the fun, playful, and energetic brand we are in our new label design that you see today.


The Future & Mak Tok V4.0

Having had this label for 2 years we are now ready to spice things up again. The team has been bouncing ideas about creating small changes to the current packaging we have. Without a full rebranding, we will be keeping the vibrant colours that our customers have come to love but will be adding a few additions to not only tell our brand story more but increase the awareness of the Malaysian flavours we represent.


Mak Tok Teaser


This label will also have a Mak Tok first in the design, any ideas to what this may be?! Be sure to send us your guesses to what (or who) may be making an appearance on your Mak Tok labels some time soon!

We hope you're excited as us for the reveal but in the mean time be sure to go browse at a massive 20% off, it's to good to be missed!

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